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She is sure all will be well now, and remembers that reassuring feeling from when she was pregnant with her own son and the midwives came to visit.

This is an intimate relationship with the state that spans generations.

At only three-days-old, her little boy doesn't have a name yet. Her son is so thin that the bones in his chest protrude.

Ajith's mother Kumari Manel shares her daughter-in-law's relief at Ari's arrival.

Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?The midwives' affordable, DIY solution is perfect for this corner of Colombo - a set of apartment blocks occupied by working-class families on low incomes.In one of the apartment's two small bedrooms, just the sight of Ari is enough to bring a smile to Shanthini Kumarasiri's face.'It doesn't matter whether the government wants to execute or not.In the event the government wants to carry out executions, we should be prepared,’ prisons commissioner general Rohana Pushpakumara said.

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"Here, cut it from here," says public health midwife Kumudini Kumari as she shows the young father where to shear through the syringe so that the end with the needle falls away.

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