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I’d been searching for a Band-Aid to cover a hemorrhage. Whether through touch or through words, validation that I’m worthy was like a drug. So it was no surprise in couples therapy, when our therapist explained to my then boyfriend that he needed to say that he “heard” me and that my feelings were “legitimate” and “made sense” that I felt like I had finally won. It turns out there is a fine line between wanting your partner to understand you and wanting your partner to validate your feelings.For years, I wanted others to confirm that my feelings were okay to have.Three of the types he considers to be relatively successful and adaptive; are profoundly different from one another but are still able to keep a positive ratio of 5:1 in their emotional bank accounts, and can resist the temptation to slide into negative sentiment override (NSO). Conflict Avoidant Couples The functionality of Conflict Avoidant Couples is a matter of degree. They focus on areas of agreement and are most comfortable when areas of mutual agreement expand rather than contract.These couples are not comfortable with strong-arm persuasion tactics. They become anxious at the thought of making active requests of one another, and prize mutuality and congruency as true emblems of happiness.Generally their relationship is happy, and that suits them fine.Take, for example, how long it took Jim to tell Pam how he felt about her.

Dennis Chair, Department of Home and Family Brigham Young University – Idaho Rexburg, Idaho [email protected] movement toward evidence-based practice has been evident across a variety of disciplines that involve Extension specialists, educators, and other professionals.

We gathered data from 1,204 married people in a southeastern state and conducted a series of analyses to assess the psychometric properties of the questionnaire and the predictive usefulness of the general model.

Results indicated partial support for the reliability and validity of the instrument.

Abstract This article describes a four-step process for creating an evidence-based couples curriculum and describes the first steps in applying this process.

Specifically, we developed a self-report questionnaire to operationalize a model of healthy relationships.

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John Gottman has been conducted research on couples for over 40 years.

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